Player Characters

Argon Raiann
Quogol The Protector

Born in Adar, Quogol was sent on Korvaire by his parents at a young age to avoid being cought in the war their country had with the Inspired. Life on Korvaire went on until the day he heard that both his parents got killed. Filled with rage, he left Sharn as a wonderer filled with rage. During his travels in Breland, he turned his back on The Path of Light and became a follower of Arawaii.

Thorix Swarmfeast

As a drow Thorix Swarmfeast comes from the jungle region of Xendryk. He is highly in touch with nature especially the insects that recycle life. Thorix also has canabalism tendencies eating away the fallen corpse of enemies and other body who would just rot away. He never does so while in his drow form, only when transforming into a swarm of insects.

Non-Player Characters

Jorrel Warmtouch

Born and raised in the desert among a nomadic people, a marauding caravan of outcasts with backgrounds from all over the world of Eberron. Jorrel was always poor and looked down upon as a result until he met Lady Sulfrite, a noble lady from the land of Thrane, who, for unknown reasons to him, made him one of her personal aides. He showed a particular flair for combat during his training to become one of Lady Sulfrite’ bodyguards that he was appointed her personal escort.

Lady Sulfrite

Born into nobility, Lady Sulfrite has spent her whole life within a noble society, and until she was of adult age, was rarely ever seen by the public. She currently resides in Galimo, at the crossroads south of Nathyrr, and is a peaceful place despite the war having been at their doorstep for a long time. Lady Sulfrite was taught compassion and lawfulness by her parents and mentors which she reflects that in her actions at all times.

She has very little combat training, more of a few lessons in self defense, which is why she always has an escort with her and some guards not too far behind.

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