The year is 998 YK (Year of the King), just two years after the nations gathered together to sign the peace treaty ending “The Last War”, a century-long conflict that engulfed the continent.

The many regions of Khorvaire have been rebuilding since the end of the war, some slower than others.
The return to peace has also caused many problems, such as repatriation of soldiers and citizens. The return to a ‘normal’ life has also been a problem for most soldiers, most of which have no real direction now. Such problems have caused much strife, political or otherwise with roaming mercenary bands, outlaws preying on the more fragile communities and political groups with a wide variety of policies springing up.

Molairre is located within the country of Thrane, a very religious state when compared to others. The Church of the Silver Flame governs over the country, and has ever since the death of Thrane’s king during the last war. With its mission being the protection of the people from evil, many people have flocked to them for safety. Thrane is a highly religious place, with its citizens being a most disciplined and well-wishing group. Raised to live a life of purpose and responsibility, with an emphasis on doing what’s right and charitable.

Our ‘heroes’ will be starting in the aforementioned location, Molairre, a quiet town east of Lessyk and southwest of Aruldusk. Thanks to it’s geographical position it was never considered as a military target in the last war and therefore remained largely unscathed. These days, it is a popular location for weddings or short-term vacations, thanks in part to its lovely fields of flowers and diverse wildlife. The town mainly consists of farming with livestock being its main area of expertise, but also includes some agriculture and several other trades such as leather working.

Disciples of Darkness

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